Orthodontics Treatment

What is Orthodontics Treatment?

Orthodontics is a special branch of dentistry that treats patients with teeth that are misaligned or not positioned properly when the mouth is closed (crooked teeth). This condition is known as malocclusion.   Orthodontics can move teeth into the ideal position before they are restored so that you end up with the best appearance and function. Orthodontics is suitable for adults of all ages, not just children.

There are different types of Orthodontic treatments that can straighten teeth and enhance its appearance. It can also reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum disease by improving the health of the teeth, gums and jaw joints. In addition, Orthodontic benefits may further include, a healthier mouth, a more radiant appearance, and teeth that are healthier for longer.

Within our range of options, we have fixed and removable orthodontics treatments that are available to suit your oral needs. These orthodontic treatments are performed at DC Dental in Highland Park and Robina by our orthodontist specialist who will recommend an appropriate orthodontic treatment for you.

We offer orthodontics treatments such as Metal braces and Invisalign.

Metal Braces