The aim of root canal treatment is to save a tooth that has been extensively damaged, due to severe decay, injury or dental disease.

DC Dental uses special instruments, called files, which remove inflamed or infected nerve tissue.  Anti-bacterial or anti-inflammatory medications are then applied to the inside of the tooth, to safeguard it against inflammation and bacteria.

Employing specialist training and adopting the latest technology in Endodontic techniques, we use rotary nickel-titanium to provide effective, predictable and pain-free results in root canal treatment.

A follow-up treatment for the installation of dental crowns is usually also required, immediately after your root canal treatment. This helps to keep your tooth in place and maintain its longevity. 

Signs that you may require root canal treatment include the incidence of the following symptoms:

  • A darkened tooth
  • The appearance of a pimple on the gum line
  • Drainage at the gum lines
  • Experiencing severe pain
  • Sensitivity when chewing
  • Large fractures.

The benefits of root canal treatment

  • Endodontic treatment helps to maintain your natural smile
  • Root canal treatment is virtually painless and leaves you with minimal discomfort after your procedure
  • Efficient and cost-effective. Most insurance plans cover or reduce the cost of endodontic treatment.
  • Visually appealing result. Dental crowns offer a natural appearance that helps improve your smile.

A thorough evaluation with our specifically trained dentists will assess whether root canal treatment is right for your dental requirements.